The project relates to a renovation of the 4th and 5th floor (ttl 1.100 m2) for the relocating the human resources of a Greek company, in a modern and operational office area, based on industrial aesthetics. The aesthetics of industrial style can mostly be viewed on the 5th floor where the management is based, by the apparent structural and electrical elements (ventilation channels, iron tubes, cables) as well as the carbonate gray color of the roof. The intelligible parallelogram shape of the floor, was divided by the construction of an interior wall lined with oxidized metal sheets leading to wide spaces at the two ends, one of them being the Management office and the other the Meeting Room.

This rather dark environment in enlightened by the bright white lacquer color of the opposite metal wall. The cement floor as well as the element of wood in its natural color used in the ceiling areas and the office doors, creating a successful combination of both contrast and diversity. The combination of wood and metal can also be seen in the furniture which was entirely designed by the architects. Large wood surfaces are leaning on hulking elements of metal for the Administration and Main office areas, where a corian solid surface is grounded on a metal quadruped base for the Meeting room table. Finally, metal cascading doors with safety glass divide the Management area from the Main office area.

(TTL) 1 . 100 M2
(COORDINATES) 37 . 997581 , 23 . 770075